Signs Of Problem Gambling

child_problemHere are some clues that may indicate a gambling problem:

Financial Cues

  • Money missing from a bank account or wallet
  • Valuables or money mysteriously disappear
  • Person holds a second job but has no change in finances
  • Changes in spending priorities and habits

Emotional Cues

  • Person withdraws from friends or family
  • Personality changes
  • A sense that something is amiss; feeling on edge

Time Cues

  • Neglecting responsibilities or making excuses
  • Arriving late for work or other commitments; large blocks of time unaccounted for
  • Long periods of time engaged in reading race scores or sports statistics

Behavioural Cues

  • Decreased attendance at family functions or other social events
  • Changes in sleep, eating and sexual relationship patters
  • Preoccupied
  • Bored easily
  • Deception
  • On edge, reactive, defensive